WITCH is live on HECO chain

WITCH is now available on the HECO chain, and we’re quite excited about it.

About HECO

HECO is an EVM-compatible public chain that provides blockchain developers with an efficient and low-cost on-chain environment for decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts, and digital assets. To date, HECO has recorded approximately 11.5 million total addresses with 438 million transactions made on the platform.

Blockchain users need a safer, efficient, and convenient public chain that can meet their needs as they grow in line with the rapidly evolving industry. New and emerging products continue to sprout up, and users are increasingly demanding more security and a more complete ecosystem of services.

HECO chain strives to be a stronger, more efficient, and energy-saving chain. HECO launched a node election campaign in May 2021, as well as a series of activities over the last few months, to promote its advantages and user benefits. The new Development Empowerment Program serves to further diversify the variety of HECO applications, improve its ecosystem layout, and provide a cutting-edge trading experience for users around the world. The program will assist developers and programs across many emerging fields, such as GameFi, NFT, DEX, and derivatives.

WITCH on the other hand has been trying to and looking for ways to make the witch tokens available on multiple chains to achieve true interoperability. Although the Ethereum network is the most dominant network, it comes with a high transaction fee. HECO chain offers scalability and a much lower transaction fee, while also allowing us to remain connected to the value and liquidity of Ethereum.

To kick start the new launch on HECO chain, the will be bridging of 5% (2,500,000 WITCH) of the witch tokens allocated to the ecosystem on Ethereum to HECO chain. As a consequence, the same amount of bridged tokens will be locked on the Ethereum network. The official bridge partner of WITCH is Poly Network. For a walkthrough on how to bridge your ERC20 WITCH check out articles that will be on the WITCH Medium page(Link below).

Please remain tuned for more profitable liquidity mining opportunities on the HECO Chain.

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