Just right after the Virgo Testnet that went so well, over the past month was a great accomplishment, not only to stop there, Virgo and it’s team are thrilled to announce it’s new swap feature, Virgoswap now available.

Join VirgoSwap:

What Virgoswap is?

In cryptocurrency, swapping refers to exchanging one coin or token for another. Sounds simple, but when you have over 1,500 different types of cryptos, things can get a little clunky.

Swap allows users to easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another without leaving their wallet. Crypto swapping is a more seamless process that allows you to acquire the coin you want instantly. A major exchange platform will have this option available to its users to make trading as convenient as possible.

Virgoswap has made it’s own feature so easy to use, easy to the point that you do not need to import tokens of set spillage, everything is handled automatically! Yes you read that right a whole game changer .

VirgoSwap is a simple interface that allows you to buy and sell VGO on the top decentralized exchanges.

Also coming up next, you will even soon be able to buy VGO directly with your credit card. VirgoSwap is just the start of a much bigger project that will integrate a variety of financial services into our future blockchain and wallet: Liquidity pooling, atomic swaps, prepaid debit cards… There are a plethora of ways to grow Virgo’s DeFi ecosystem!

Gain Rewards For Referrals

Building a robust community is critical to any project’s success, and those who contribute to its development should be rewarded! VirgoSwap includes a referral system that allows you to earn 1% on each of your affiliate’s trades in perpetuity. Simply share your referral link with your friends and followers; if they buy VGO during the next several days, you win! That’s a fantastic way to earn money in the background.

Tokens You Can Trade?

The ultimate goal is to give the most comprehensive decentralized exchange feasible to our users. However, we will be launching several new tokens in the near future (BTC, ETH, etc). For now VirgoSwap has released a core set of tokens that can be traded right away.
The following tokens are now available for trading:

  • BNB
  • VGO

How To Use Virgoswap

VirgoSwap was built from the ground up to be as simple to use as possible. Everything has been done to make your life easier, all you need is MetaMask or another wallet to connect with.
Then all you have to do is select the token and the desired amount.

Try VirgoSwap:

For More Information Reach Out On;





Nigerian and Your whole plug

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Nigerian and Your whole plug

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