Rigel Protocol Gift Dapp Now Avaliable.

The Rigel Protocol gift Dapp testnet is now up and running!

Rigel Protocol invites both old and new users to participate in a beta test of the Gift Dapp, Rigel’s latest decentralized application.

Users that share essential information or issues that need to be fixed in this Gift Dapp testnet bounty program could win up to 500 RGP.

What exactly are Dapps?

Decentralised finance, or DeFi, is a word used in the 21st century to describe financial transactions that are conducted using smart contracts rather than through centralized intermediaries such as banks.

Dapps, or decentralized applications, are what power DeFi. If you’re looking for a Dapps definition, keep in mind that they work in much the same way as ordinary apps, with the exception that they’re usually set up to work in a peer-to-peer environment.

Without the need for a third-party intermediary They make money by linking buyers and sellers and then collecting a finders fee. This is more or less the paradigm for centralized applications, but in Dapps, the transaction takes place directly between the two parties involved.

Despite the fact that the DeFi sector is still in its infancy, it has seen a massive flood of customers and investment. Dapp transaction volume hit $12 billion in the second quarter of 2020, up $4.5 billion from the previous quarter.

What’s the big deal about Dapps?

To begin with, Dapps are finally providing people with cryptocurrency use cases that are registering in the public consciousness. have grown in popularity as a result of a variety of circumstances. A large portion of their attractiveness stems from a mix of unhappiness and frustration.

Traditional financial arrangements, with their lack of centralized authority, provide a challenge. Because most Dapps lack a centralized, regulating body, the content and activities of the applications are forced to be defined by their users.

Dapps provide users with platforms that not only operate on cryptocurrencies but also allow them to perform things that were previously impossible.

Rules and Breakdown of Bounty

The bug bounty is divided into three levels, with prizes awarded based on the platform’s impact.

First Level:

Users who report a big or serious bug and offer a full explanation of the problem may receive a reward of up to 500 RGP. The more information you submit, the more likely you are to receive the reward.

When it comes to distributing the prizes, valuable recommendations on how to remedy the problems will be taken into account.

Second Level:

Medium non-critical bugs: Users will be able to claim incentives of up to 250 RGP for each case if they find and report a Medium level issue.

The more information you submit, the more likely you are to receive the reward. Suggestions about how to correct the mistakes will be considered as well.

Third Level

Tiny bugs and improvements: Participants will be evaluated for awards of up to 50 RGP for any small bugs discovered or valuable suggestions on how to improve the DApp interface or user experience.

Following the Rules and Steps

  • ->Reward levels will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Rigel Protocol has sole discretion over the terms and conditions of this bug bounty program.
    ->The severity of the problem will determine the rewards.
  • ->The bugs that are considered for the award are chosen on a first-come, first-served basis; duplicate bugs will be rejected.
    ->Each user is only eligible for one award.
    ->There is no limit to the number of people who can participate.
  • ->Rigel Protocol has sole and final authority over the determination of eligibility, score, and all terms associated with a reward.

Step 1: Go to https://gift.rigelprotocol.com and open the DApp.

Step 2:
Connect your local wallet to the Dapp using your desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

Step 3:
A window will appear with a link to a form to request test RGP tokens, please fill the form with your BEP20 address. Your tokens will be sent within 8 hours after request.
Test RGP tokens can also be claimed directly through this link: https://gift.rigelprotocol.com/events/v/6119fa54ec93a5f5af46aa9a

After interacting with the DApp, another form will appear where you can provide comments.

Please Note: You need to connect your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain Testnet and also you will need test BNB to cover the transaction fees.

You can get free test BNB here: https://testnet.binance.org/faucet-smart

Step 4:

After you’ve tried out all of the DApp’s features, you’ll be taken to another form where you may report any issues you find as well as make any other comments or ideas.

Please see our documentation HERE for additional information on the DApp, its function, features, and capabilities, among other things.

About Rigel Protocol

The Rigel Protocol is a decentralized protocol that intends to provide the community with a number of tools to help them utilize Blockchain technologies in their everyday lives.

The Rigel Protocol community created, set up, developed, and is in charge of the protocol. The community establishes and decides on all proposals and decision-making.

Contact: http://linkedin.com/company/rigelprotocol… https://twitter.com/rigelprotocol http://discord.com/invite/j86NH95GDD… http://medium.com/rigelprotocol http://github.com/rigelprotocol http://t.me/rigelprotocol




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