An Introduction to Virgo (The blockchain upgrade )

Cryptocurrency and blockchain has the promise of creating a fluid economy, an accomplishment the entire industry eggs toward with each passing year. But this growth and revolution of humanity is becoming more complex with the existence and emergence of many different blockchains as well as projects, thus slowing down adoption hence slowing growth.

Industries such as finance and data management are slowly but reluctantly crawling into the Crypto world due to their high prerequisite for trust and the abundance of processes and complexities that currently exist in the space.

Coiners and users have to trust in a multitude of different blockchain technologies and actors who make up a multitude of projects, thus reinforcing contradictions.

All of this together means that many projects with innovative solutions are struggling to get adopted by a wider public, which, being most of the time poorly educated concerning the crypto world, finds itself lost behind a wall of incomprehension.

Where does Virgo come in?

Virgo wants to create the first decentralized application development and distribution platform. It will allow developers to quickly build and publish their applications, providing them an inclusive ecosystem and extensive visibility among users already introduced to the technology and ecosystem

Virgo is much more than a cryptocurrency, as it's main concern is to provide developers and it's users with the best possible tools for creating and distributing decentralized applications all connected by one platform

The tools employed mainly consist of:

⁃ A high-performance cryptocurrency responding to the blockchain trilemma; scalability, security and Decentralisation

⁃ A dApps distribution platform in the AppStore style, easy to use and fully decentralized.

Virgo will provide:

The ability to give transactions a final order. By combining DAG and “classic blockchain”, Virgo manages to bring together the best of both worlds to offer a consensus method that is at the same time scalable, secure, and decentralized.

A decentralized application distribution platform that uses a distributed file system to address the issues of availability, throughput, assurance of software authenticity, protection of intellectual property and rights of application developers.

By using Virgo, app approval will be made universal and more transparent with merits such as:

◦ Autonomous Operation
◦ Ease of Use
◦ Direct purchase of services (from other applications) using Virgocoins (VGO)

Virgo will facilitate the users journey to the future through bringing facets of the crypto world together by providing an all-inclusive ecosystem.

For everyone you could always reach out at;

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Nigerian and Your whole plug

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Nigerian and Your whole plug

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