3 Most Vital Assets For The Duet Protocol.

Duet Protocol introduces the three “MVAs” to the Duet Community, mostly due of their historical relevance.

So we’ll keep this article nice and concise so you can get physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially prepared for the duet protocol absoluteness.

The dXAU, dWTI, and BTCB on Duet Protocol

Project DeFi 3.0: Synthetic Assets Duet Protocol just added gold (dXAU) and oil (dWTI) to its platform. Users may get gold, oil, and bitcoin with only a few clicks using the BTCB (bitcoin) that already exists on the platform, allowing them to establish a portfolio that includes both traditional and crypto assets with just one crypto wallet.

Before we get in details lets talk about the assets in their standalone form and the historical value of these assets.

Gold, one of the world’s rarest materials and also one of the most valuable and scarce chemical elements on the planet, has been used for coinage and currency to preserve value throughout history, regardless of geography, race, or religion and has also performed well in recent years, owing to its extreme resistance to bearish conditions. The only disadvantage appears to be the return.

Oil, or petroleum, has been one of the most actively traded commodities in the world and a type of asset to retain value since the beginning of the industrial revolution. It is the fuel for engines and the raw ingredient for many chemical goods. Crude oil is the world’s engine and profits from economic booms. However, it suffers when economic forecasts are clouded by uncertainty.

Bitcoin has piqued the interest of worldwide investors due to its exceptional returns that outperform all other assets. However, its volatility has remained high in the meantime, deterring potential investors. We have just seen of recent how the bitcoin market had crash more than 70% from it’s previous high, this alone would not allow newly coming in investors to trust enough to invest in.

When viewed separately, each of the three assets has advantages and disadvantages. But Duet protocol has examined the notion of integrating the three assets into one index in the hopes of creating a “perfect” investment portfolio, so with this the portfolio holders can protect himself/herself against uncertainties and retain value (gold and bitcoin), benefit from economic growth (crude oil and bitcoin), and invest in the future by combining these three major assets (bitcoin).

To add to the previous paragraph, after Duet protocol had a testing hypothesis of combining the three assets into one index, here is what was got: a 3-in-1 index and its performance showed :

  1. Much lower volatility than the Bitcoin, close to crude oil;
  2. A lower maximum drawdown than Bitcoin and crude oil;
  3. A substantially higher return than gold and oil.

Investing in all three assets is far superior to investing in just one. Duet Protocol has opted to offer all three of them at the same time in order to achieve optimal asset allocation results.

Duet Protocol planned to introduce its users the, synthetic assets dXAU and dWTI, as well as BTCB, making the platform the gateway to three “MVA” (Most Valuable Assets) with only one crypto wallet. The less connected the assets in a portfolio are, the more steady the return becomes, which is very essential.

Adding to this is the Duet Protocol’s enhanced auto-compound techniques will automatically serve as yield-bearing assets for dXAU, dWTI, and BTCB, making them accessible to anyone with a Metamask wallet.

Getting this assets as already stated out in the other paragraphs, is easy and self explanatory, just having a metamask wallet and since the other two assets dXAU, dWTI, are listed on the BNB chain, you would then need to have it local currency BNB, with that said, the Duet DAO community had officially deployed these assets in the “dAsset” section, on the Duet protocol dashboard, first you would click on the “GET STARTED” button to see the interface below, read and accept the terms of services, then boom you are in. For easy navigation to get this assets, use the photo below for a better understanding..

From here after you had connected your wallet to the site, and with your BNB in place you can purchase these assets with just one click, in no time.


We are likely to see long-term high inflation and declining economic growth in the future. It’s critical to protect your asset against these dangers while also taking advantage of assets that could provide better returns per risk. Furthermore, reduced volatility is preferable so that you may sleep soundly even on the most tumultuous crypto evenings.


Duet protocol is a multi-chain synthetic assets ecosystem, minting various pegging assets from stock, index, ETF, commodities, or any assets with a price feed on the blockchain. Duet aims to allow all Web3 residents to allocate funds to any asset with just one crypto wallet. There has been more improvement towards this .

For more details, please go to: https://duet.finance/.

Stay tuned for the most up-to-date information. https://linktr.ee/duetprotocol

Visit Official Links;

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